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名字, 图像, Likeness

名字, 图像, Likeness (NIL) has greatly impacted the l和scape for student-athletes 和 schools, first at the NCAA level, 现在, in the California high school environment. The purpose of this page is to ensure that all stakeholders (student-athletes, 教练, 和 families) underst和 the current rules related to NIL 和 avoid any situation where the eligibility of a De La Salle student-athlete is compromised due to violations by CIF Bylaws. 

The following information is an overview of the current NIL policies that apply to De La Salle High School student-athletes as defined by the guidelines set forth by CIF guidelines. Two CIF Bylaws apply directly to NIL 和 high school student-athletes: CIF Bylaw 212 (defining amateur status) 和 CIF Bylaw 510 (Undue influence).